Opening Party


Do you have what it takes to become the new dutch and duchess of Hofbrauhaus?

This year we’re kicking off Oktoberfest with our iconic opening party on the 17th of September, the same day as back home in Munich. We’ll start the fest with a 4 hour lunch session, Oktoberfest’s longest, where we will crown the second Duke and Duchess of Hofbräuhaus. The new royal members of Hofbräuhaus will have the honour to do the keg tapping on the day, receive a $300 voucher, and get their very own ceramic Stein which will be filled with Bavarian Bier every time your majesty visits for a whole year. During the lunch session we will also seek the strongest person in town during our Stein carrying competition and test your accuracy in the popular Bavarian game “Nagelbalken”!

18-28 Market Lane, Chinatown Melbourne