Das Original und das Beste.


Bavaria's best biers

About us.

Since 1968, the Hofbräuhaus has occupied the same spot in a quiet lane in the serious heart of Melbourne’s business district where we go about the serious business of giving our friends a rip-roaring good time.

The Hofbräuhaus brought some much-needed Bavarian froth and fröhlich to the slightly conservative Melbourne CBD of the 60s – and has continued to do so as Melburnians quickly caught on and caught up.

Now, nearly half a century later, the citizens of this totally cosmopolitan city know there is really only one place in town where you can let yourself out for a mighty good time with the best Bier, the best food, the best music and – best of all – the best people.

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The Hofbräuhaus. Das Original und das Beste.

Our friendly waitresses wearing their traditional dirndls


After nearly 50 years of having fun with our local friends, we know that Melburnians and Bavarians have many things in common, but one of them especially stands out.

We like to drink well. Bier, in particular, we take very, very seriously.

Having studied what our Melbourne friends like best in the on-tap amber beverage, our Biermeister has focussed on only the very best of Bavaria. Our bottled range includes many of the province’s finest boutique offerings, but because these tiny breweries make only tiny amounts of peerless product, our list changes often, according to availability.

On tap, too, we pour purely Bavarian. We’re particularly proud of our flagship brews from the venerable Arcobräu and Hofbräu houses.

Arcobräu was founded by the Earl of Arco-Zinneberg in 1567 and Hofbräu, 22 years later by Duke Wilhelm V. Both breweries still proudly abide by the 1487 Reinheitsgebot (Purity Laws). These laws decree that only three ingredients are allowed in Bier – water, barley and hops. While wheat honourably takes the place of barley in some of our Biers, the principle remains: three crystal-clean ingredients, no preservatives and no additives.

Of course, no serious Melbourne diner lives by Bier alone. We also have an international list of German Austrian wines. For afters, choose from an even dozen types of Schnapps.


Our drinks list

  • Bottled Biers

  • Like Bavarians, Melburnians take their Bier very seriously. Having studied what you like best in the amber beverage, our Biermeister tasted his way through just about every bottled boutique Bier produced in Bier-obsessed Bavaria and culled a long-list down to a tasty top-shelf shortlist for your drinking pleasure.


    Determinedly old-fashioned and alive with rare aromas and flavours, Bavarian wheat Biers are cloudier, spritzier and maltier than their barley equivalents. The unashamedly eccentric, wheat Biers now claim 20% of the market in their homeland. The Hofbräuhaus proudly offers a magnificent selection of Bavaria’s best...

    Hofbräu Weiss 330ml 5.5%
    A classic Wheat Bier distinguished by its refreshing fruity taste. $8.50

    Erdinger Hefe 500ml 5.3%
    Medium to full body with noses of light sweet banana and wheat with hints of floral notes. A thirst quencher!  $13.50

    Erdinger Dunkel Hefe 500ml 5.3%
    Moderate strength, full bodied with flavours of roasted malt, coffee and caramel.  $13.50


    Dunkel, or dark ale, is the original Bavarian country style Bier. While the brewing technique is traditional, the malt is roasted for rich colour and smooth, malty flavour.

    Arcobräu Schloss Dunkel 500ml 5.2%
    A medium-light body with malt and caramel tones.  $12.50


    Not for the faint-hearted, Bock Bier is strong – with at least 6% alcohol by volume and sometimes 8 or 9%. These are Biers for the true Bierista who sips appreciatively, rather than skols thirstily. Choose from two of the best...

    Arcobräu Coronator (Bock Lager) 500ml 7.2%
    Moderate sweet/bitter blend builds to a medium bodied, smokey caramel finish. $16.50

    Erdinger Pikantus (Bock Wheat) 500ml 7.3%
    An intense spicy bock style Bier with flavours of banana, clove spice and general fruitiness. $16.50


    Arcobräu Leiche Helle 500ml
    Premium Light Lager, full favoured, smooth and particularly mild in taste 3.1%. $9.50

    Arcobräu Urfass 500ml
    A virtually alcohol-free lager. Flavour is mostly pale malts with very light caramel on the nose. (Urfass is 0.02% of a standard drink per volume alcohol.)  $8.50

  • On Tap Bier

  • Here, too, we pour purely Bavarian. We’re particularly proud of our flagship brews from the venerable Arcobräu and HB breweries. Arcobräu was founded in 1567 and HB, in 1589. Both breweries still proudly abide by the 1487 Purity Laws which decree that only three ingredients are allowed in Bier – water, barley and hops. However, because these and our other tiny Bavarian breweries make only tiny amounts of peerless product, this list changes often, according to availability. See our Mystery Bier list on your table.

    Hofbräu Original 5.1%

    A light, refreshing, well balanced lager.  300ml $8.00  500ml $11.50  1 Litre $21.50

    Hofbräu Dunkel 5.5%

    A fresh, crisp dark lager featuring malt and caramel flavours.  300ml $8.00  500ml $11.50  1 Litre $21.50

    Hofbräu Schwarze Weisse 5.5%

    A refreshing wheat Bier, enhanced by the richness of roasted malt, with tastes of coffee and chocolate. 300ml $8.00   500ml $12.00   1 Litre $22.50

    Arcobräu Urfass Hell (lager) 5.2%

    This Bavarian lager is fragrant in flavour with a particularly rounded bitterness.  300ml $7.50   500ml $11.00   1 Litre $21.00

    Arcobräu Zwicklbier Premium (pale ale) 5.5%

    Unfiltered and cloudy pale ale. Loaded with natural vitamins and minerals. Very healthy!  300ml $9.00  500ml $13.50  1 Litre $25.00

    Arcobräu Pils 5.2%

    A clear and crisp pils with a bitter sweet aftertaste. 300ml $8.00  500ml $12.50  1 Litre $23.50

    Arcobräu  Weissebier 5.3%

    Light to medium body, subtly sweet and rounded fruit flavour with mellow esters.  A crisp and clean finish with hints of lemon and banana. Very easy drinking. 300ml $8.00   500ml $12.50   1 Litre $23.50 

  • Biermischgetränk

  • Meet the Mystery Bavarian.

    To keep the tastebuds of true Bieristas on their toes, our globe-trotting Biermeister regularly taps a rare Bavarian boutique Bier and invites you to try. You’ll discover the identity of our current haus guest Bier on your table card.


    A fruity and refreshing mix of flavoured wheat Bier. Choose from...

    Mango Weizen  300ml $9.00
    Banana Weizen  300ml $9.00
    Passionfruit Weizen 300ml $9.00

    Das Original und Das Beste.

  • Ciders

  • Monteith’s Apple 330ml $9.00

    Monteith’s Pear 330ml $9.00

    Rekorderlig Wild Berries 500ml $15.50


  • Wine


    Secret Gardens Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (NSW) $35.00 Bottle, $8.50 by the glass

    Secret Garden Chardonnay (NSW) $35.00 Bottle, $8.50 by the glass

    Niersteiner Riesling (Germany) $45.00 Bottle, $9.50 by the glass

    Lenz Moser Pinot Gris (Austria) $455.50 Bottle 

    Kimi Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $45.00 Bottle 

    Casteltorre Pinot Grigio (Italy) $55.00 Bottle 

    Fritz Riesling (Germany) $55.00 Bottle

    Gruner Veltliner 'Kreutles'Federspiel (Austria) $120.00 Bottle


    Casa Liuch Rose (Tempranillo, Spain) $50.00 Bottle


    Secret Garden Cabernet Sauvignon (NSW) $35.00 Bottle $8.50 by the glass

    Secret Garden Shiraz (NSW) $35.00 Bottle $8.50 by the glass

    Schild Estate GMS (Grenache, Mourvèdre & Shiraz, SA) $45.00 Bottle 

    Lenz Moser Blaufrankisch (Austria) $50.00 Bottle

    Mitchelton Estate Shiraz (VIC) $55.00 Bottle

    Petit Detour Pinot Noir (French) $55.00 Bottle $12.00 by the glass

    Huber Pinot Noir (Germany) $140.00 Bottle


    Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling (Germany)$40.50 Bottle $8.50 by the glass

    Chevalier Blanc de Blanc (France) $45.00 Bottle $9.50 by the glass

    Gold Edition Sparkling (Germany) $55.00 Bottle

    Furst Von Metternich Champagne (Germany) $80.00 Bottle

    Weingut Brundlmayer Brut Sekt (Austria) $150.00 Bottle



  • Schnapps


    The true spirit of Bavaria! While most liqueurs are made by steeping fruit in alcohol after fermentation, in Bavaria’s traditional schnapps, the fruit is fermented along with the base liquor. This technique yields a strong, usually clear distilled spirit, often compared with a delicately flavoured vodka. There are as many flavours of schnapps as there are fruits in the orchard! Here are just a few of them ...


    15 – 20% $8.50

    Choose from Apple, Sour Apple, Plum, Cherry, Peach, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Honey

    TRADITIONAL 40% Alcohol by Volume

    Ortenburger Pomeranza - Bitter Orange $9.00

    Krauterbitter - Herbal $9.50

    Waldhimberrgeist - Raspberry $10.50

    Haselnussgeist - Hazelnut $10.50

    Schelehengeist - Sloe Berry $10.50

    Marillenbrand - Apricot $11.50

    Kirschbrand - Cherry $11.00

    Williamsbrand - Pear $11.00


  • Soft Drinks

  • Almdudler (Austrian Lemonade) 330ml $7.50

    Orangen Limo 500ml $8.50

    Limonade 500ml $8.50

    Apfelschorte 500ml $8.50

    Spezi (Traditional German Orange Cola) 500ml $8.50

    Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml $8.00


Pure and Simple

Serious about Bier for more than 1000 years, the Bavarians introduced the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Laws) in 1487. These laws stipulated that only three ingredients – water, barley and hops – were allowed in the making of Bier. Today, half a millennium later, the laws still apply to the brewing of the Biers we serve at the Hofbräuhaus. Further to that, we’ve thrown off the restrictive shackles of Munich’s corporate breweries and spread our wings to source the very finest Biers, schnapps and liquors from the best boutique producers in Bavaria. We’re independent. We’re free. We’re happy. And it shows.

Das Original und Das Beste.

Our Beers

Guten Appetit!

A piece of friendly advice: when you come to the Hofbräuhaus, come hungry.

As proud and true Bavarians, we serve hearty! None of this nouveau three-peas-on-a-plate cuisine for us.

The Hofbräuhaus is known for its classic traditional pork, beef and poultry dishes, rich with gravy and served with your choice of dumplings, potato pancakes, Spatzel pasta, onions or sausages. Rich fare, generously served.

Now, if you’re a just little more ravenous than usual, you may wish to line up for the Hofbräuhaus Schnitzel Challenge, and it’s best to book in advance. The Schnitzel Challenge is a truly Olympian triathlon: you will be faced with a 1.5kg Pork Schnitzel, a large-ish bowl of chips and a litre of beer from the tap. If you manage to demolish all of it – by yourself, no sharing! – we give you the schnitzel, the chips, the Bier and a wear-it-with-pride Winner’s t-shirt for free.

So far, our story’s been very, very meaty – but, truly, many of our best friends are vegetarians. Why should carnivores have all the fun? While your beastlier pals snarl into something more to their liking, perhaps we can offer you a fresh and delicate, superbly civilised Gemüse vegetable strudel or our exquisite Käsespätzle – house-made egg noodles baked with herbs, spinach and Swiss cheese, served with a crisp side salad.

Words, words, words. It’s time we let the menu speak for itself...  

Click here to Book Now or Phone (03) 9663 3361.

Das Original und Das Beste.

Hearty Bavarian Traditional dishes served daily

Every day is different.

In addition to our day-by-day menu of hearty Bavarian traditional dishes, the Hofbräuhaus offers a changing daily specials menu.

Monday-Friday $13.50 Lunch Special *Does not include a Drink*
Monday $15 Dinner for Students
Sunday - Thursday Student's 15% discount on drinks in the Alpine Bar
Seven Nights a week Schnitzel Challenge (be sure to book in advance!)
Tuesday Schnitzel Night
Tuesday-Sunday Live Entertainment
Sunday Lunch Family Roast


Das Original und das beste.


What's new. What’s now.

The Hofbräuhaus gives you a different way of having fun every time you come. Special events pop up pretty regularly. Some are shown below, while others are posted on our FaceBook and Instagram sites. But the best way to stay in the loop and ahead of the rest is to become a Hausmate.

TV’s Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown entered the Hofbräuhaus Schnitzel Challenge and pronounced the operation a resounding success!

Another TV celeb, chef Lee Chan filmed a segment at the Hofbräuhaus. With our own Thomas Sturm, Lee cooked Potato Soup, Zwiebelrosbraten and Apple Strudel.

Das Original und das beste.

Bavaria ist here!

Here are two more things Bavarians have in common with Melburnians – we both live in the south-east corners of our countries and we’re by far the coolest and most cultured of our countrymen (and women, of course)!

As a Melburnian, you need no reminding of the many cultural offerings of this city but you might not be as aware of what’s waiting for you at our place.

The Hofbräuhaus is a little bit of the real Bavaria beamed – authentisch! – into Market Lane. And we’ve been here since 1968! The Hofbräuhaus really is das Original und das Beste!

You will be greeted at the door by our people in our traditional dress, known as Tracht – lederhosen for the men and dirndl for the women. They will take you to your table and bring you drinks and food and stein-loads of happiness all night. You will feel even more at home than you do at home.

Drink well. Eat well. Relax. Have fun. And when the music starts, so does the dancing.

Then the floor’s all yours.

After all, where we come from, our Haus is your Haus.

The Venues.

Choose your Menu. Choose your Venue. Time to consult your Mood Monitor.

The Hofbräuhaus has three function rooms. Click here to Book Now or Phone (03) 9663 3361.

Our Dining Bier Hall

If you’re in the mood for a rollicking night of great food, great Bier and great entertainment, go upstairs to our Dining Bier Hall. It’s an all-out Bavarian knees-up. Eat, drink, sing and dance, it’s a Bavarian knees-up night. Open six days a week from noon to late, but closed Monday nights (but both the Alpine Bar and Restaurant are open seven days).

Our Alpine Bar

You’ll also meet your kind of people in our Alpine Bar, open for lunch and dinner every day. Enjoy, talk, laugh, eat, drink. Open seven days a week from noon to late.

Our Restaurant

Enjoy an early meal with great Biers, great wines and great food, or for diners coming in later, eat, drink, sing, dance and enjoy a little bit of Bavaria every night. If you’re out with the family or having a special date, why not reserve at the Restaurant? Open seven days a week from noon to late.

Parking and Public Transport.


The Hofbräuhaus is within easy walking distance to 14 public car parks. Most charge a flat rate after 6pm of between $12 and $15, but always best to check before parking.


Public Transport

The closest tram stop is Bourke Street between Russell and Exhibition.


Taxis are available from the ranks marked on the map above.


Contact Us.

Address: 18-28 Market Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Click here to Book Now or Phone (03) 9663 3361.

Hours: Open today · 12:00 pm - 12:00 am