18-28 Market Lane, Melbourne, CBD


Here at The Hof Group we are simple people, we are friends serving friends. We love what we do and we want to share this experience with as many friends as possible.  Our philosophy while simple is steeped in a rich history and honourable tradition dating back to the time of our forefathers. A time when communities worked together for the greater good. We value loyalty from those we work together with. We form alliances by delivering on the promises we make. We build strength by supporting those who take pride in producing quality goods. We are passionate about honouring individual and creativity. Above all we applaud those who stand for freedom and independence.

The Hof Hospitality Group stands for honest and refreshing hospitality experiences.

We at The Hof Group stand for a great experience with authentic flavour and honest comfort food. Get the real Bavarian experience at Hofbrauhaus Melbourne and dive into our little piece of Bavaria in the heart of Chinatown or enjoy a more modern approach to our culture and cuisine at The Hof Downtown just opposite Marvel Stadium in Docklands. Or get a handy quick bite at Little Hof at South Melbourne Market on Cecil Street.