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If you can't go to Hofbräuhaus, Hofbräuhaus has to come to you.
Schupfnudel (GErman gnocchis)
Schupfnudel | Onion & Kassler
Duration: 30 mins 

Enjoy German gnocchis at home with this easy Bavarian step-by-step guide 

Organise a Bier.

Open the Bier and PROST (Cheers) to that cactus in the corner you call friend since 3 weeks and the Schupfnudel.

Pre heat a non-stick pan with a small amount of oil to cover the bottom on med heat and in the meantime try to pronounce “Schupfnudel” three times in a row.

Place the Schupfnudel in the pan.

Quick scull of bier

Once the Schufnudel is browned on 1 side then add the onions and kassler.

Let them warm through and release the flavours.

Gently move it all around and season with salt and Cracked black pepper.

Now that the Schufnudel is browned on both sides and its smelling delicious you can turn off the heat.

Now you can put the cheese and give it a quick toss.

Know in a bowl ready to eat.

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