Potato and Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup 
Potato Leek Soup
Duration: 15 mins 

Enjoy this delicious and healthy soup at home with this easy Bavarian step-by-step guide 

First things first: Organise a Bier pour it in a glass not into the soup! Easy one

Place the soup into a pot and slowly bring to temperature (keep stirring while you a sipping your Bier). You don’t have to feel bad, no one is around who could judge you anyway and even if so just tell them it’s part of the cooking process. 

If you were smart enough to grab one of our awesome sourdough, then you will be set.

Serve in a warmed bowl.

Bier Pairing: Weissbier or Wheat Bier ist the best friend of pasta. We recommend our Arcobräu Weissbier or Maissel’s Weissbier are the perfect fit for this dish.
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