Pork Knuckle at home

If you can't come to Hofbräuhaus,
Hofbräuhaus has to come to you.
Our Famous whole roasted pork knuckle
pork knuckle | mash potato | Sauerkraut | pork jus | mustard
Duration: 3 hours 

Enjoy our famous pork knuckle at home with this easy Bavarian step-by-step guide 

First things first: Organise a Bier, if you have ordered one from us it should be in your box. Open the Bier and PROST to your family, you imaginary friends and the knuckle

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 140 degree Celsius and take a sip of your Bier.
  2. Remove the knuckle from the bag and reserve the gel for later.
  3. Place the knuckle in a roasting tray with most of the skin facing up, pop it in the oven for 90 mins (we are slow roasting to render the fat and get the skin ready for crispiness)
  4. Remove for the oven
  5. Turn oven up to 240c
  6. Quickly have a quick skull of your Bier (Important) Don’t Skip this it’s essential to the outcome of the meal.
  7. Put the knuckle back in the oven should take about 15 to 30 min (Depends on your oven)
  8. Keep Checking every 10 min to see if it is crisping up. (remember every oven is different)
  9. So, this sounds a bit exhausting so better have another skull of bier.
  10. While the knuckle is doing it’s magic, it’s time to get the sides ready.
  11. You can heat in the microwave or pots.
  12. Mash should be done in a pot for sure. (slow heat and keep string it)
  13. Quick check your Bier it might be getting warm.
  14. Sauerkraut can be heated in the microwave oven (about 3min)
  15. Now for the pork jus. (Remember the gel from the knuckle?) Quickly find it and put it with the jus. Warm it up ready to serve.
  16. Quick check the knuckle (And quick skull of bier)
  17. Ok, the knuckle should be looking glorious (If not then you haven’t had enough bier)
  18. You can serve the knuckle now (Best served with a knife stabbed in the middle of it.
  19.  (see picture)
Bier Pairing: Pork meat comes best with dark Bier our recommendation would be a Arcobräu Schloss Dunkel or a Hofbräu Dunkel. 
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