18-28 Market Lane, Melbourne, CBD
Flammkuchen | creme fraiche | onions | bacon | Cheese
Duration: 15 mins 

Don’t call it pizza! Its a Flammkuchen! 

First things first, Organise a Bier.

Open the Bier and PROST (Cheers) to that cactus in the corner you call friend since 3 weeks and the Flammkuchen.

Pre heat your oven to 220 C.

Take out the Flammkuchen base.

Take a sip of your Bier and spread the creme fraiche evenly on the top of the Flammkuchen base.

Sprinkle onions and bacon on top of the creme fraiche base evenly.

Crack some fresh pepper and salt on top.

No put a little bit of cheese on top and finish with the chives.

Take another sip of your Bier and put that Flammkuchen on a baking tray in your oven for about 4mins.


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