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Bread for change

Bread for Change

Bread for Change!

It is no secret that the hospitality industry took one of the biggest hits during the COVID-19 crisis. So many fellow hospo workers have lost their source of income and are struggling to meet months end.

In order to help our friends out there we have started the “Bread for change” campaign. You can now find a $2 item in our online store called “Bread for Change”. If you purchase this item you won’t receive a bread, but you will donate one loaf of HOF made sourdough to a hospo friend. Every Saturday, hospo workers from Melbourne can swing by and pick up those donated loaves for free at The Hof Downtown, 737 Bourke Street.

To start with the campaign we donated 100 bread loaves over the EASTER weekend to our Hospo friends.

We get through this together!